50 Fathoms and out to the Canyon

Fished offshore with Davie and Wally Veal. Scattered grass lines at 50 fathoms loaded with dolphin. We got 16 dolphin including Davie’s 27lb citation and some other nice gaffers. Got a few blueline tile, a 55lb+ Snowy Grouper and Davie got a single pollack. Nice ride out and back in.


Golden Tile

Fished for golden tile and tog with Davie and Wally. We got 10 golden tile, 1 tog, 1 bluefish and a few large black sea bass that we had to put back.


Offshore Tog

Fished an offshore wreck with Davie and Wally for tog. Wally got a really nice 18lb 7oz – 30 in tog first thing in the morning. We were using whole live green crabs and got 19 large black seabass. Wally got the only other tog of the day. On the way back in we came across a lot of bird action and got some really nice marks on the finder. Dropped some jigs down and released a few 36”+ Rockfish. Hit really heavy fog 5 Miles from the bridge tunnel all the way back to Messick Point.

Golden Tile and Seabass

Decent water conditions today, nice ride offshore this morning before the sun came up and back in this evening. Fished the Norfolk Canyon and a few offshore wrecks with Davie and Wally. Got six golden tile, about 30 sea bass and several bluefish up to 35” on jigs.

Offshore Wreck Fishing

Fished an offshore wreck with Wally and Mike. Main goal was to try and get some citation bluefish on jigs. We got over 40 keeper seabass and 30 triggerfish. Wally got the only citation bluefish early in the morning. We caught several other bluefish under 30”. Nice ride out and back in.

Norfolk Canyon

Fished the Norfolk Canyon area with Davie, Wally Veal and Ricky Higgins. We were looking for YFT NE of the canyon in the blended 73 deg F water in 250-500 fathoms. There were a couple YFT caught in that area and a bigeye tuna. We got a gaffer dolphin and another smaller slinger. We never got a tuna bite and had to move on before we ran out of fishing time. Moved back to the canyon and Wally got a nice snowy grouper and Ricky got a blueline Tile. Moved on to a wreck and picked up some black seabass.

74lb Yellowfin

Fished the Norfolk Canyon with Davie and Wally Veal. Started out trolling at the tip of the canyon and not seeing much. Worked our way to the SE corner. Dropped for some tinker mackerel and started slow trolling with live bait. Wally got a nice yellowfin tuna on a live mackerel and then we got a White Marlin. Not bad for the first time slow trolling live bait. Wally’s yellowfin weighed 74lb 13oz at Grafton this morning.