First Deep Drop for 2016

Fished the Norfolk Canyon yesterday with Jody, Wally and David. We got several Blueline Tile up to 9.5 lbs., bluefish mixed in at 33-34″ and two grouper. David fought a really nice grouper for about 30 min, but lost him about half way up. The current was really moving but still doable with one engine in reverse. Only got a couple dog sharks. Fished late so ride back in was a little rough.

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Fall Marlin

Fished the 44 Fathom wreck area with Davie, Wally and Ricky. Was fishing for Wahoo and Davie got a White Marlin release. We had one Wahoo bite-off and got a couple mahi. Went to the OV to jig and caught / released several bluefish.

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Fall Red Drum

Fished with Wally and Mike. Got 4 tog in the morning. Three tagged and released and one keeper. No sheepshead.  Got a 46″ Red Drum tagged and released. Probably the only fishable day this week.

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August 30th Offshore

Fished the Norfolk Canyon with Davie, John, Wally and Jody. Had a nice hit on the center rigger at first light on the BE hole that did not stay tight. Caught several dolphin up to 24lbs and jumped off one white marlin.


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