OI Bluefin Tuna Try

Pulled the boat to OI yesterday and fished for bluefin with Jody, Wally, Dave and Joey. We fished hard from the 580 up to the 780. Had some marks deep through out the day but could never find the tuna. One rat mako and a false albacore. Fished around the Wicked Tuna boats throughout the day. Pic is of Hot Tuna and the OI bridge coming back in at sunset.

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Fishing Report – 1/2/2014

Fished yesterday and looked around the triangles for bluefin at first light. No signs of bluefin and it was such a nice day on the water that instead of heading south we decided to hit the canyon for some deep dropping. Blueline tile up to 12lbs, black belly rose fish, wreck fish and a snowy grouper. A few dog sharks, but not too bad. No signs of bluefin on the way back in and no signs of rockfish or birds working.

When we were at the canyon deep dropping we saw a bill come up and slash at a bird sitting on the surface.  Had to be a swordfish. (??)  Bird spent some time sitting on the bow of my boat, he didn’t want to get back in the water.

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Offshore Strikeout – 10/26/13

Fished Norfolk Canyon yesterday with Davie, Wally, Jody and Mike. Left Messick Point at 4:30am. Stopped at the Ocean Venture to try for big bluefish.  Jigged up a few medium sized bluefish and a few big black seabass that we had to put back since the season is closed (until Nov. 1). Alot of bait with two-tones feeding on them along with a few whales and alot of birds at the tip of the canyon. Worked the area for awhile w/ 67degF water, but no pulls and nothing around the lobster balls.  Moved out around 500 fathoms and 70degF water, some bait along the blended temp break, but again nothing and very little life.  After several hours of trolling, switched over and did some deep dropping. Davie got one smaller golden tile and a really small flounder (in 650ft) and then we moved west and picked up 14 bluelines in short order, with three over 10lbs. Ran back in to the Triangle Wreck area to check for big bluefish at the end of the day. Did not mark any fish over the wrecks and did not get any blues on the jigs.  Rough ride back in from the triangles to the mouth of the bay.

IMG_0589 IMG_0588 IMG_0586 IMG_0591

Norfolk Canyon Overnighter – Oct 3-4

Thur-Fri (3-4 Oct 13) crewed up with Wally, Randy and Joe for my first overnighter on GetAnet at the Norfolk Canyon w/ Seaduction (Mike Avery) as our buddy boat. We ran out of Messick Point at 4am Thursday morning and headed for the canyon.  Nice calm ride out in the dark.

Trolled the NE corner of the canyon at sunrise for BE with no luck and then worked our way back the north wall.  Randy picked up a nice 57lb wahoo.

Picked up a few mahi with no other action until late in the day Thursday when we got two 30-40lb class LFT.

Trolled in behind a net boat releasing some by-catch and hooked up on a 300lb class Blue Marlin. Joe was on the rod and stayed tight for several jumps and he was making ground on him, but he broke off.


Right before sunset we switched over and started trolling our BE spread.

At 7pm we got nailed with two big hits.  One stayed tight and Joe settled in for a long fight.  Everything was going right and after the 2hr mark in the dark we got a visual on a huge BE. At 2hr 37min and very close to the end-game the heartbreaker happened and the hook pulled……#@%&!!!!  Got set-up for night ops, but we only got a few taps on our sword rig early with nothing else the rest of the night.

Fishing on the NE corner of the canyon was much better for us on Friday with 8 more LFT, 3 white marlin releases and a few more mahi.



Thanks to Mike Avery for buddy boating and all of his help.  We had an excellent trip, but the visual of the pulled hook on that BE has been burned into the memory banks. Need to get back out there for another shot

Cobia 8/17/2013

Chummed for cobia at York Spit with Davie and Wally from 6am to 3pm. Tagged and released one 43″ cobia at the end of the incoming tide. On the outgoing tide we had two more 40″ class cobia that spit the hook when they jumped. Tagged and released two other cobia at 33″ and 31″.