Offshore Wreck Fishing

Ran straight to the Ocean Venture and arrived before sunrise. Caught several big black seabass, medium sized bluefish on jigs and Jody caught a small flounder. Moved inshore to the triangle wrecks and caught smaller seabass and larger flounder.

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Fished around the 350 line @ 50 to 100 fathoms. Slow for us on White Marlin, missed a few that did not stay tight. Found a floating sawhorse and caught several mahi.

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2016 First Marlin

Got Get Anet back on Friday, checked things over Saturday and ran to the Norfolk Canyon with Davie, Wally and Jody.  Caught several dolphin first thing at the Navy buoys. Things were kind of slow at the canyon, but Davie did get a White Marlin. Just missed heavy lightning and rain running back into Messick Point.

IMG_0816 IMG_0826 IMG_0825 IMG_0876



Drum Run

Fished with Mike, Wally and Davie on Mike’s boat.  Fished the shoals for Drum.  Got 8 total from 44″ to 54″.  Got one cobia at mid-day sight casting.

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Fishing Reports from GET Anet