37th Annual Peninsula Saltwater Sport Fisherman’s Association Awards Banquet

Wally Veal

  • 2014 PSWSFA Angler of the Year
  • 1st Place Triple Threat Tournament 162″
  • 2nd Place Striped Bass Tournament 48lbs 1 oz
  • 1st Place Annual Tournament – Amberjack 62″, Blackbelly Rose Fish 16″, Bluefish 37″, Channel Bass 54.5″, Grouper 24.5″, Shark 132″ and Spot 10.5″

Jody Linthicum

  • 1st Place Annual Tournament – Flounder 30″
  • 2nd Place Annual Tournament – Tautog 30.5″

Dave Wineman

  • 2nd Place Annual Tournament – Grouper 23″

Rick Wineman

  • George C. Robertson Memorial Trophy
  • Release Tournament – White Marlin 74″
  • 2nd Place Annual Tournament – Channel Bass 52″


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1/11/2015 Deep Drop

Fished the Ocean Venture and the Norfolk Canyon area yesterday w/ Jody, Wally, Davie and Ricky. 15 Blueline Tile w/ 7 over 10lbs and 1 Golden Tile.  A few large seabass released while trying to jig for bluefish. Several bluefish caught on jigs but nothing over 34 inches. Dog sharks were a pain but not real thick. Ricky hooked a 6ft+ Mako shark at the Ocean Venture with a butterfly jig. Fought the mako for awhile before it broke the main line.
IMG_0769 IMG_0771 IMG_0772


2015 Rockfish

1-2-2014 – Was going to try to run offshore for deep dropping but the weather changed for the worse. So, ran over off the Eastern Shore with Wally to eel for rockfish.  Started off good with the first bite by 0830, but the hook pulled.  Fished with 8/0 circle hooks. Landed the second bite, for a 47″ release citation.  Wally got a 49″ release citation right at the end of the day.  Not a great record with six bites total and only two fish landed, but got a couple citations to start the 2015 season.

IMG_0761 IMG_0764

No Rockfish

December 5, 2014 – Drifted eels off Old Plantation Light from 2pm until dark for rockfish w/ Davie, Wally, Jody and Ricky.  Marked bait and fish, but no bites.  Anchored at the HR and fished both the incoming and outgoing tide until 2am w/ no bites. Marked bait at the HR.

Old Plantation Light Rockfish

November 29, 2014 – Drifted eels off Old Plantation Light for rockfish w/ Wally, Jody and Ricky. Bite was late in the afternoon. Ricky got a nice 45″ release citation and Wally had the hook pull on another citation size rockfish right at the boat.

This was Ricky’s sixth citation for the year and first time expert angler.



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