7/19/2014 Cobia

Fished York Spit Light with Jody and Wally on Saturday.  Wally and Ricky caught 9 cobia on Friday at YSL up to 54″ (7 citations), most of them on the incoming tide.  We started Saturday with the outgoing tide and had 3 cobia to 48″ before 9am.  The incoming tide did not produce what we were hoping for and we ended the day with six cobia to 48″. All fish were tagged and released, except for one that Jody wanted to keep.

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York Spit Light Cobia

Fished with Wally on 6/20/14.  Left Messick Point @ 6am w/ light winds.  Caught a dozen croaker for bait outside the Back River entrance channel and ran out to York Spit Light. Conditions were almost perfect for cobia fishing……..Cloudy overcast with winds out of the NNE @ 10kts.  Long outgoing tide until 2:30 pm made for good conditions with the wind direction.  The first cobia (mid 30″) jumped and spit the hook. The second cobia (mid 40″) got around the chum bucket before we could pull it and broke off. Third cobia took a live croaker right beside the chum bucket and we landed this one……….a fat 53″ citation cobia that we tagged and released around 10:30am.  We had a long period with no bites and then around 4pm Wally got a nice 42″ cobia on a live eel that we tagged and released.  Fished until we ran out of chum around 6pm.

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Offshore 6/15/14

Fished offshore with Davie, Wally and Jody on Sunday.  Ran out of Owls Creek to Tower A and Tower B for amberjack.  We caught jacks from 40″ to 45″ on jigs and live croakers. At the triple zeros, Davie hooked a large mako that bit through the leader after a brief fight.  No tuna or dolphin on the troll.


Buoy 8 Reds but no Cobia

Fished with Wally and Jody on Sunday June 1st.  Fished in the morning for red and black drum. We caught four nice red drum 45″, 50″, 50″ and 51″ w/ a NE 15kt wind in 12ft of water.  Moved to the rock pile around noon for cobia and fished until 5pm without a bite.

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Single Red on the Shoals

Fished with Davie and Dave on the shoals Tuesday night from 5pm to midnight.  Dave got a really nice 52″ red drum (his first citation red drum) @ 9pm (last part of the outgoing tide). The fish was quickly tagged and released. That was the only fish of the night, but it was a nice one.


Drum on the Shoals 5/17/14

Had three boats head out to the shoals together.  Ran out with Butch and Oliver. I had three of Butch’s friends on the boat Tim, Josh and Kirk.  Got a later start than usual (the sun was already up) and finished early around 1pm.  Still an excellent trip with each of them catching  atleast 2 citation drum.  Ended the day with seven reds to 50″ and one 36″ black that they wanted to keep and eat. Had a great time watching these guys catch the biggest fish of their life!

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OI Bluefin Tuna Try

Pulled the boat to OI yesterday and fished for bluefin with Jody, Wally, Dave and Joey. We fished hard from the 580 up to the 780. Had some marks deep through out the day but could never find the tuna. One rat mako and a false albacore. Fished around the Wicked Tuna boats throughout the day. Pic is of Hot Tuna and the OI bridge coming back in at sunset.

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